Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Make Your Own Flat Pack Craft Display Risers. A Rough Tutorial for people with imagination!

Some of you may remember seeing the work-in-progress pictures of my craft display risers and even perhaps some of the pics of the finished article displaying my wares at market...

I mashed together this very rough 'tutorial' for making your own set of craft display risers.
It's not the amazing tutorial and template I had in mind but it will have to do for now until I have time to write up the full tutorial with photos.

These rough diagrams are to give you an idea of what the design looked like before i cut it out using a jigsaw for the curves and a very big, scary table saw for all the straight edges. 

For my large set of risers I used approx 2-3 sheets of 7mm thick plywood (400mm x 1200mm, BC grade, nothing fancy) I bought these sheets at Bunnings hardware. The design for each end could be a much simpler shape than I designed but I wanted to make life difficult for myself by adding in gentle curves...

The shelves are so long that they are only suitable for holding light weight items. If I were to make these again I'd either make the shelves shorter or add in an extra support in the middle (using the same template as the end pieces) or... use thicker, stronger plywood. 
For this project I needed to keep my risers lightweight and fairly simple. I have enough heavy boxes to carry already! 

All up it cost me about $25 in materials.
And $200 in time/labour 😏

I can offer some advice if you're attempting to make your own... use sharp tools. Ask for a handy-mans help to use the sharp tools if you'd rather not risk your limbs and triple check all your measurements! 

Here is another version I created to hold my greeting cards... (tutorial will be posted at a later date, when I can find the time to draw a template for you all)