Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Made With Love in March

Ok, so the day was a success. I managed to fit at least three quarters of my display on the two tables, smiled at everyone, sold a few things from each basket and made a little girl cry when she spent her entire market allowance of 5 dollars at my stall.... 

so good to see a few of the regulars enjoying my stall

is it possible to not look awkward when a camera points in my direction?

I didn't quite fit it all on the 2 tables...stacked up a couple of my boxes at the end,
covered with lace to hold another basket!

lots of baskets at the base of a mossy green hill ;)

looking a bit worn out..too many late nights/early mornings

greeting card display I made from plywood

pendant display box doubles as a shelf for my ring display

ring display on moss rocks and cardboard cones painted to look like pine trees

my stall setup is in a big L shape this time

can you see all my little signposts? 

love my mossy hill and golden stall sign

the green and white corduroy deer themed tablecloth worked well for St Patrick's Day ;)

what a cutie! I had to get a shot of this gorgeous head of curls

every inch of space covered but it looks ok doesn't it?

love the way my toadstool pincushions really make the whole fairy tale woodland theme come alive

Friday, March 15, 2013

Almost Ready for Market Day

With just 2 sleeps to go until the March Made With Love Markets this Sunday, I am putting the final touches to all my displays and products.

timber drawer re-purposed into jewelry hanging display

Cardboard print display box (to be eventually replaced with a plywood box)

DIY greeting card display made from plywood

craft display risers - pack away flat & slot together within 60 seconds.
This photo is deceptive.. they are actually huge & will take up almost
half the space on one of my trestle tables. Holds lots of things!

I have been working on these plywood displays since last year, cutting out all the pieces with Dad's jigsaw and (scary) bench saw, then sanding and fitting together the puzzle of slats, shelves and supports... no diagrams and assembly list for these as I made the whole thing myself! from scribbled idea to a 3D triumph! 

my stall name sign can stack on the display risers behind my crafts

The final test will be when they're stacked full of my market goodies and on display so stayed tuned for how that all pans out.
Here are a few more photos of the various elements that make up my craft stall

another timber drawer with cup hooks to hold earring cards
and hanging earring display using tiny grapevine wreaths
to show off special pieces

painted 'pine tree' cones for displaying rings.
...and of course, all my forest friends to decorate my crafted forest

baskets, wood plaques, enameled metal tray

Metal lace tray is from Urban Outfitters, it has a collection of faux moss stones in it at the moment (under the fabric bows)...not sure yet if I'll use them elsewhere in my display. The wood plaques have a couple of cup hooks on the back (at the top) to prop them up and to wrap the end of the necklaces around. Baskets were on sale in the florist isle of Spotlight...so handy for displaying small items. 

Top of the timber drawer is another place to display small items & the hooks
inside the drawer are perfect for supporting one string of my flower fairy lights

large willow basket to hold textile cosmetic bags and plushies

found a fallen branch, cut it up and used a fine saw to make slots in
the top of each piece to hold cardboard price cards. Next step: hot glue small rocks to
support the tallest branch and preserved reindeer moss to decorate the bases
finished price card holders

I'm re-using most of the price cards I printed for the last market
& adjusting prices for  any differences in  my stock. Although I was
thinking of making new cards, it seemed a shame to  throw these out. They're good for now

Back in a few days... wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

First Newsletter for the year!

Three cheers for getting things done this week! Its only taken 3 months for me to get a newsletter written & sent...hope it is a success & I don't get a massive list of bounced emails. If anyone is on my mailing list & hasn't received a newsletter from me in the last 6 months please let me know right away! and maybe check your junk filter... I'm not made of spam but sometimes the computer robots cannot tell the difference.

So here it is for your reading pleasure, the main story from my quarterly newsletter:


You're invited to the Made With Love Markets on Sunday, 17th March. Take a look at the poster I designed for this market >>>

Ginger Kelly Studio be there with gumboots on. Um what am I saying? Don't worry, its indoors! We will all be safe & dry no matter what the weather throws at us.

I'll have lots of new things on show including brand new Thistle & Fox gift wrap,
rose fairy lights in lots of pretty colors,
hair pins, combs,
sterling silver rings and of course,
all my charm bracelets, pendants, earrings,
plushies, art prints, postcards
and heaps of greeting cards on sale with special market day offers so save the date & come along for the greatest handmade market in Coffs Harbour!

Sunday MARCH 17th at 
Coffs Harbour CEX, Vernon St 
9am -2pm

Here is a taste of what you'll find at my stall...