Monday, September 16, 2013

Made With Love Market Wrap Up Sept

A big display this time... 2.5hrs to setup, 1.5hrs to pack up. And all on my own!

A long table filled with Ginger Kelly Studio goodies!

Happy to see so many new and familiar faces

my display risers are not quite hiding the organized chaos beyond

basket of throw pillows and my hand painted calico backdrop

having my name on the back drop made a huge difference

alot to look at

many levels and many baskets

how do you like the little picket fence tacked on to my display risers?

vintage suitcase to hold a few dozen postcard packs

the woodland theme is growing with more little creatures amongst the moss

baskets of hair clips, boxes of greeting cards

my 2014 calendar was a bestseller for the day

plywood collapsible greeting card display
Things I loved about this market:

Everyone was very talkative, asking questions, complimenting the organization of market, my display, asking me about the poster & website design (yay!)
I sold a few strings of fairy lights! horray!
The mushroom birds were a big hit with the kids & I had lots of little customers who were very polite & so cute!

Things I'll need next time:

More Calendars
Ice cold drinks... warmish water just doesn't cut it
A better way to display my single postcards
Divide postcard packs into 'Assorted' and 'Multiples of the Same' to avoid confusion
Double check that everything has a price tag. I still get caught out with this!

Things I hope to sell next time:

Charm Bracelets. Everyone looks, nobody buys. Why?
Zip pouches
Hair wreaths

Things I need a better display system for:

Hair wreaths/floral bobby pins (need photos of them being worn)

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