Monday, July 1, 2013

And the Winner is...

The winner of this entire prize pack of Ginger Kelly Studio goodies is....

Jodie Halpin

Please step forward to claim your prize ;) 
You will get to choose between a few earrings or charm bracelet options so keep a look out in your email inbox for any messages from Ginger Kelly.

For all the rest of you, my sincere condolences & I wish you better luck next time.
There will be a next time and quite soon, as I have many new things in the works and I'll be needing some guinea pigs to try them out on!

Hands up anyone who can do some modelling for me!...anyone?
I need a model for hair pins most urgently, and later down the track a few men to pose for a series of male mythical its time to dob in your menfolk ladies. Tell them they'll be doing manly things like rescuing damsels in distress, riding dragons and casually leaning against castle walls chatting to the village maidens (just don't mention the 'modelling' word) 

more info here

There have been a few questions lately about custom art projects and whether I am willing to take on more art commissions (*faint*). If you are one of the people who has contacted me in the last few weeks make sure you check your email (including your junk mail...just in case) as I have sent you a long reply which includes a quote and all the info you'll need to make your booking. 

I have to warn you now. All digital art commissions are delayed until I have my new system set up & running. My old computer and I have had a long chat and we both came to realize that its time she retired. She has worked well past her warranty and now all she wants to do is play solitaire.

We'll have a proper farewell party next week but for now its bedtime and time to shutdown.

good night, sleep tight 

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