Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A girl can dream...

Everything seems to take an extraordinarily long time to do these days and the days tick by faster during winter. I'm itching to get the building of my studio started... aching to move in! Though it'll be a while before it looks like this: my dream studio space.

Some weeks ago I found out about Sweet Home 3D, a free and relatively easy to use 3D rendering program for designing house plans, and as you can see I LOVE it!

morning light through the east and high northern windows
 The structure I am renovating is starting off as bare termite damaged bones, half a concrete slab and a roof that needs replacing... but with the total length of the building being 12m x 5.6m (I'll hopefully be able to use 7 x 5.6m of that space) this would be the ideal place to set up my one-woman workshop.

Looking to the South facing kitchen. Afternoon light from the high western windows

As yet, I haven't been able to work out how to make a pitched roof ceiling... and my poor computers graphics card is struggling to keep up with the complex design (and massive file size) so I can only render a few aspects of the design at a time.

basic concept to show the storage room at the front (which is not for me...for my 'landlord')
and the space at the back for my studio

Studio work space and bed with space for a little bathroom and open kitchen

Living, sleeping, bathing, cooking
 Wow, it looks so spacious! Yes, I've pushed some of the furniture to the side in these images so I can see more of the space. The actual floor space is going to be pretty minimal when all my things are in there!

The artists workshop

A little closer...

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