Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's always nice to meet new people...

..though its even better if they are artists too & you instantly fall in love with their work.

I've been admiring Olga's work from Wassupbrothers for some time now, almost furtively watching (like a little hedgehog) for signs of a giveaway so I might have the opportunity to snaffle up one of her adorable soft creatures. Now's my chance! and even better, she's teamed up with the creator of the cutest woodland pendants it must be nice to be a bird, Madiee

i am totally smitten

looks like a match made in woodland heaven

fingers crossed that my luck in giveaways has changed



  1. Hey are you planning on posting more soon? If so, contact me as I can give you more.

  2. A very well-written post. I read and liked the post and have also bookmarked you. All the best for future endeavors.


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