Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Made With Love in March

Ok, so the day was a success. I managed to fit at least three quarters of my display on the two tables, smiled at everyone, sold a few things from each basket and made a little girl cry when she spent her entire market allowance of 5 dollars at my stall.... 

so good to see a few of the regulars enjoying my stall

is it possible to not look awkward when a camera points in my direction?

I didn't quite fit it all on the 2 tables...stacked up a couple of my boxes at the end,
covered with lace to hold another basket!

lots of baskets at the base of a mossy green hill ;)

looking a bit worn out..too many late nights/early mornings

greeting card display I made from plywood

pendant display box doubles as a shelf for my ring display

ring display on moss rocks and cardboard cones painted to look like pine trees

my stall setup is in a big L shape this time

can you see all my little signposts? 

love my mossy hill and golden stall sign

the green and white corduroy deer themed tablecloth worked well for St Patrick's Day ;)

what a cutie! I had to get a shot of this gorgeous head of curls

every inch of space covered but it looks ok doesn't it?

love the way my toadstool pincushions really make the whole fairy tale woodland theme come alive

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