Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Made with Love in August

Did you know that I've been in a frenzy of activity preparing for the markets in...less than 2 weeks time!

Time has run away from me (screaming in terror most likely) while I spend most days packaging prints, photographing & cataloging charm bracelets, stuffing bodies (that sounds sinister!) and embroidering faces on a small collection of felt woodland creatures...not nearly as many as I'd like to have had finished by now...
but oh well, there are always the late nights to fill with more beading of bracelets, sign making, price tagging and dreaming up interesting ways to put my handmade things on display.

 Here are a few ideas (found on Pinterest of course, where I do nearly all my daydreaming these days)
boxes clipped together to make a freestanding display
paint a branch for a centerpiece to perch items upon
postcards and greeting cards in vintage boxes
woodland theme table decoration?
fresh flowers...heavenly!
so, what do you think? I should probably do a trial run to make sure everything is going to fit in my display and wont fall off the table with the slightest touch. I am hoping to have a helper on the day, though if the worst should happen and I'm left to man the stall on my own I need to know exactly where I'm going to put everything and make sure everything is labelled with price tags this time!

 I've had some requests to sew a few dogs and cats to run among the rabbits, foxes and deer...

and strangely, a request for a slow loris ;) yes, that's right (you know who you are!)

Ok, so that's pretty cute. Yet I'm daunted at the prospect of sewing all those fingers and oposable thumbs. Therefore I'm far more interested in creating something as cute as this little owl:

I never get tired of watching this and its amazing little face! so perhaps there will be a few beady eyed wiselings on my table by next week.

What is your favorite creature?

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