Tuesday, July 19, 2011

For the North

Surely everyone loves Autumn (even if its a long way away from here)

Its the depths of winter here at home and my chocolate cravings are out of control!
I am fantasizing about these chocolate filled mushrooms.
They look a m a z i n g....


Recently I've been thinking of concentrating on my sewing again... This dress is wonderful inspiration to delve into those fabric boxes and decorate my dressmakers dummy with scraps of silk, linen and lace.


Perhaps its time to go get that camera I've had my eye on for so long. My little collection of natural artifacts and specimens is growing as I've been keeping a look out for interesting things in the garden


One of the things I've been dying to photograph are the feral deer that I catch a glimpse of when I visit my grandmother's house. Perhaps I'll be lucky enough to get closer to them in Spring


I'll need a decent leather bag to carry my camera gear... maybe someone will get me a very early Christmas prezzie?


Well, its late and time to go back to my other nocturnal activities...




Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm better now

After a full month of flu, I am gradually feeling better, though I still have a persistent cough it seems to be fading away now.


So back to work. Not that I ever really took any time off, I simply backed away and didn't update any of my web pages all month. There is so much catching up to do!

I'll start with the best things.

My art is keeping me alive, fed and housed. Only just, but there it is. A year ago I did not really believe that this would be possible, yet here I am supporting myself doing the things I love.

Mind you, I'm working 18 hours a day and all is made in my bedroom which is crammed to the ceiling with paint, fabrics, paper mache masks, stock photography costumes, postcards, art prints, jewelery supplies and postage boxes. Somewhere among all this I am balanced precariously on my office chair at my computer, typing with one hand while I hold my graphic tablet pen in the other. Its a strange mental picture for you, a balancing nightmare for me.

So now you have seen a little piece of my place.

And this is where the inspiration is coming from at the moment.