Monday, November 7, 2011

A week behind the times

That's right. I'm a week behind with all my projects and a few more weeks behind on catching up with all my friends.
 Unfortunately there is something in my diet that occasionally strongly disagrees with me and I end up in hospital on a drip and getting regular injections to try to stop me from being violently ill.
My stomach still feels weird. Wish I could figure out what it was that caused the sickness this time.

 It is unfortunate that I can now never look at grapes in quite the same way again :(
Changing the subject... Commissions for 2011 are closed!
I now have more than enough to keep me busy until the end of the year so if you were hoping to book a custom artwork from me before Christmas you are a little bit late.

I will however take pity on the truly desperate and if you send me a heartfelt message I will see what can be done. I'm also happy to discuss the details for projects to take on in 2012 so don't be afraid to approach the big scary artist. I wont bite.

 There will be lots to see and do throughout November and December. I am taking the entire contents of my studio to the Made with Love Markets at Pacific Bay Resort, Coffs Harbour on Dec 4th.

 All my shops, Ginger Kelly Designs, Jasper and Pearl and Thistle and Fox will be gradually updated with new listings. My Christmas stockpile is waiting to be photographed & put up for sale.

Keep an eye on my facebook fan page for quick updates because I probably wont have time to look after this blog for the next few weeks. Calendars are almost ready! Here is a little preview...


  1. Hello from a fellow Displaced Victorian!Your calendars are so beautiful. I just love them! Take care and keep busy :)

  2. hello, i hope you are feeling better now



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