Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Winner of Silhouette Contest

With no further ado, I present the winner of my 2011 Silhouette Contest:

by ChloeNArt
Congratulations Chloe!

You created an entry that immediately caught my eye and that appeals to my love for Fairytales and storytelling... it is also technically brilliant, intricate and very well thought out... what else can I say? I simply adore it!

More of Chloe's artwork...

Click on the pictures to view the artwork on deviantArt and add them to your favorites

You have won:

3 exclusive stock packs & 100 dA points from CAStock
6 month dA premium membership from Ginger Kelly Studio
Signed, Limited Edition small print of 'SorrowStar'

A set of 10 Postcard prints from my shop
An animated stamp made by me for you
The opportunity to 'request' a particular theme or scene for me to illustrate...
This is kind of like getting a FREE commission, except that you will be limited to suggesting a theme for me to interpret as I wish. The outcome of the finished artwork will be decided by me. I will send you a small print of the finished work but the artwork will remain mine to use as I please ~ just so we understand each other ;)


And a big thankyou to everyone who helped support this contest by entering, donating a prize or promoting it in their journals and groups. You are all very loved. I hope you know that.


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