Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Dreams & Summer Rain

Tonight the sky is stitched with stars that seem brighter than ever because its been almost 3 months since there was a decent break in the clouds and constant rain. The strangest summer I've ever experienced in Australia. Everyone knows I cannot stand the heat so I dread the day when the sun appears for more than a few hours and turns the soggy ground into a midge factory. Real summers here are dreadful. Sticky, exhausting and every night your bed sheets covered in termites because you were trying to read one more chapter of your favorite book...

Oh, Listen... theres the rain again! Phew. That was close!

Excuse my scattered thoughts. I'm overdue for decent sleep again.

My favorite fairytale for the week... Le Petit Chaperon Rouge

Would you take directions from a hungry wolf?

At this time of year I always think of all the Northern Hemisphere dwellers huddling in the snow. Complaining that its too cold & winter is too long while here I am complaining that its too hot and summer lasts forever... where is autumn when you need her?

I would love to experience a Christmas in the snow at least once.

Ok. Now my mind is empty. I can go to sleep.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jingle Bells & How to Avoid Them...

If I hear one more Christmas carol...!&#%^@!

Its like entering some kind of torture chamber every time I buy bread & milk. Though I avoid any kind of shopping centre at this time of year, it is inevitable that I will have to fight my way through the crowds to get the essentials of survival.

Thankfully I've managed to cover my Christmas shopping for family & friends entirely online this year... and anything I cant buy I make with my own tired little hands.

With time flying by at an alarming rate I'm not sure if I'll get even half my projects finished before the end of year & with all these charm bracelets and calendars stacked up in my room, theres no money coming in & no space!

Can you help me dig my way out of my bedroom....

Buy a 2011 Calendar from Ginger Kelly & feed a starving artist this Christmas

On the bright side I've finished all my commissioned work for the year and finally, after much deliberation I drew the hands for my sad Sorrow Star, the water nymph.

Hands have always been a challenge for me so I'm thrilled with how this drawing turned out after so many months of it waiting in the back of my sketchbook...waiting for me to make up my mind ;)

These images are scans of the original drawing. Unfortunately they dont pick up the fine pencil details. You can get a better idea of what the actual drawing looks like if you view it on my deviantArt page

There is a new painting on its way...heres a sneak preview: