Friday, November 5, 2010

The Secret Garden

Through a hidden door behind the ivy
Lead me along the garden path
Roses climbing over the fountain
Wild strawberries fill my dress pockets
Lillies float on deep green water
Crickets chirp in the grass
A lantern hanging in the willow
Robins eggs in the nest

- Ginger Kelly 2010

Welcome to my creative revolution...
Every few months I go into a frenzy of creative activity, drawing, painting, sewing, and now making jewelery!
Something I've always wanted to do for myself is to make a charm bracelet. I love the way these little charms can be put together to tell a little story, something that reflects my mood at the moment...

Right now, I'm writing little stories & poems which will be used in an upcoming project (I'm not giving too much away just yet) so the charm bracelets are reflecting the fairy tales and children's stories I've been reading for inspiration.

The little poem I wrote above is part of a feature of my favorite items on Etsy with the theme 'Secret Garden'. This is the beginning of a new series of treasuries to celebrate the cherished stories from my childhood

Full of beautiful Christmas gift ideas, it is definitely worth a look!

Please dont forget to leave a comment & help support the amazing artisans featured this week.

Until next Friday....

xxx Lauren

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  1. i love secret gardens.
    i think everyone should have one.



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