Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A new place to share my secrets


I should probably introduce myself first

My Name is Lauren.
There are pictures racing through my imagination all day & night and occasionally I manage to catch one before it flies away. Here you'll be able to see some of my finished artworks and some of the things I'm still working on. As well as Visual Art, i also create one-of-a-kind clothing designs which I'll show off a little on this page.

If you're interested in purchasing my artwork, designs or would like to commission an artwork, you can contact me by emailing or visiting my Etsy shop at
My online portfolio can be viewed at

Until we meet again :)

Here is a painting I'm quite proud of

Iseult in the sacred forest - digital painting by Ceara-finn

Painted in Adobe Photoshop CS2 using a Wacom Intuos Tablet

(c)The images on this page are the intellectual property of the artist Lauren Kelly Small. Do not reproduce, redistribute, copy, sell, alter or in any way use this image without the written permission of the artist

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